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i highlight text you can open a tab close a tab ..both fairly smooth . of course they both do have their own respective tab bars.you can see you can add remove tabs do private tabs . close out of them . . exiting out of those apps let’s go ahead . look at some video here done on sounds tight my name is barrage . we got the iPhone 6s first xf7 is absolutely to say Tory’s already Apple iPhone alright first thing first the iPhone 7 is Apple’s latest iteration of the Apple iPhone the success was last year’s model now . because this is almost the last year’s model now in terms of looks both of these devices are almost identical I’ll show you the differences in a moment you can see both have four points them looks both of these devices are almost identical I’ll show you the differences in a moment you can see both have 4.7 inch retina displays rendering about 300 or actually rendering approximately 300 now one issue with the YouTube client here on Windows Phone is that it’s not an actual YouTube application developed by Google it’s actually just third-party apps that either developers develop for the Windows Phone for the Windows Store platform or the Windows Phone platform in the Windows Store or it’s basically just a app that takes you directly to the mobile site.a little bit of a bummer but you know who’s really to blame for that right maybe we can ask that question . give a million answers to it but you know Google has not released a dedicated YouTube app for Windows Phone. i guess they assume there aren’t enough users but. i like Windows one so. i would love to see a dedicated YouTube app for it let me show you . both their respective lock screens you see the lock screen here on the Lumia . you can swipe up to unlock it also has infrared up top here.if you want to use your eye to unlock it you can do that.they utilize that instead of save fingerprint scanner . you can change the wallpaper as well simple enough iPhone lock screen see it says press home to open you can swipe to the left to get your widgets you have spotlight search up top you have access to your notifications of course you do on Windows Phone as well see it says press home to open if you swipe over you get the camera . of course it has the fingerprint scanner as well all right.we’re looking at pages . OneNote ..let’s just do a basic page here on pages . you can see their respective keyboards Windows Phone keyboard also has swipe roasts . you could see all the different features that you have here with OneNote of course you also have voice to text hey what’s going on question mark .. i guess it doesn’t want to write question whether you wrote it well thank you Cortana . well it stopped higher than here iOS is keyboard it almost sounds Windows Phone desk now right with iOS 10 keyboard hey what’s going on today what are you doing question mark . on. i just want to note that they both have their fair share of emojis . of course you can add . remove emojis you can also add different keyboards both keyboards very responsive responsive to your touch both have very solid autocorrect.no issues there now also in terms of their keyboards or in terms of the iOS keyboard you do have digital touch where you do I’ve G excuse me do have gifts that you can include I’ll show you this right here all right here you see digital touch basically draw things send it whatnot here you see the gifts gif images recent Music Store you can also do attachments here with windows ok different photos . videos or you can see the various galleries here by albums folders of course same with iOS you can both have their ferreting application.