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Apple iPhone 7 vs Microsoft Lumia 950 In Depth Comparison -MobileMakers Blog

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welcome to tech nobility your source for no-nonsense tech all right. i got a great comparison here for you . today the unique one at that the Apple iPhone 7 versus the Microsoft Lumia 950 let’s get started . you can see right here you have the Lumia 950 which is Microsoft’s high-end Windows Phone . over here of course you have the Apple iPhone 7 which is Apple’s high-end iPhone of course sans the iPhone 7 plus both devices are running completely different operating systems you got iOS on the iPhone . of course on the Lumia you have Windows Phone alright.basically two different philosophies but both pretty solid operating systems ok let’s go ahead . get started by looking at the physical design of both devices ok now you can see the bottom here on both USBC on both you don’t see the headphone jack here on the iPhone 7 you see the speaker the microphone of course you have the other speaker up top on the iPhone volume rockers the vibrate mode power button nothing up top . on the back of the 12 megapixel shooter with the flash the iPhone logo . the antennas 7.1 millimeter device.fairly thin always is built pretty solidly as opposed to say the iPhone 6 which was a phone that bent of course you . remember Ben gate all right over here you can see with the Lumia of course USB see on the bottom nothing over here on this side you have the volume rockers which with the power button on the right . the dedicated camera key on the back you could see the Microsoft logo 18 T model this is unlock 20 megapixel camera . with Carl Zeiss optics optical image stabilization which actually both of them have says a triple LED RGB flash as well front facing camera which would be five megapixel . the speaker up top you see the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack . the iPhone 7 also has a seven megapixel front facing camera now in terms of the iPhone 7 comes in a 32 128 . 256 gigabyte model comes in gold jet black matte black rose gold as well as silver . now they ditch the home button . gone with taptic feedback on the home’re not going to get as much click on it as you would with previous iteration iPhones but it is pressure sensitive.if. i long press it. i get Siri but just slightly press it it takes me home same with the touch ID that you have on the home screen ok which if you push hard you can see you get features here with the specific apps which also works here if you want a multitask also works on the keyboard if you want to utilize basically moving around your works there as well.the home button . i’m a fan of thus far. i like it one of the interesting things about the home button is if you try to use it would say a piece of fabric like for example my shirt. i can’t seem to click down on it.interesting little tip it sometimes it works most of the time it doesn’t ok again it comes in an 810 processor with 2 gigs of RAM the plus model does come in three gigs of RAM you don’t have a headphone jack it also doesn’t come with wireless speakers or wireless headphones excuse me it comes with headphones that connect to the Lightning port down below basically same Retina display 326 pixels per inch on a 4.7 inch LCD display same as the success the hue is a little bit warmer.


i would say comparing the two but in terms of screen quality they’re both fairly solid or the in terms of screen quality it’s still a fairly solid screen you’re not going to notice pixels of course to be compared to say the 7 plus you may notice pixels because the 7 plus is a 1080p display also has a battery that is. i believe it’s about 1950 milliamp somewhere give or take around that range pretty solid battery life thus far if your phone is is if you’re a heavy user you probably want to carry a charge around with you otherwise terms of battery life I’ve had pretty solid battery life with moderate isn’t too bad but at the same time. i do carry my charge around just in case . now here with the Lumia you could see it has a excuse me it has a 5.2 inch display 2k resolution rendering 564 pixels per inch.that’s a lot of pixels per inch . that’s because it’s on a 5.2 inch display it’s eight point two millimeters in thickness.a little bit thicker than the iPhone 7 Corning Gorilla Glass 3 it is an AMOLED display ok comes with a 32 gigabytes internal storage also has an SD card slot up to 20 fifty six gigabytes three gigs of ram again going back to the camera .

it’s a 20 megapixel rear camera five megapixel front facing shooter you also have a hexa core processor in this mission in this beast as actually as. i like to say a hexa core processor .. i believe the battery would be roughly about 3,000’s got a pretty big battery but battery life yeah you know again it depends on how much you use the phone but it’s not the worst battery it’s actually pretty solid on the Lumia as opposed to previous model windows phones which tend to have fairly subpar battery life in my opinion ..again going through the devices just on top of one another you . can see the Lumia is more of a c.y bar design nothing special of course they do sell back plates mozo sells back covers leather back covers that you could buy for the Lumia if you want to make it look a little bit more premium actually I’ll go ahead . show you . that back cover right now here’s the Mosel back cover custom leather they have different colors that they sell it in as well also as the wireless charging again the Clash royale hack does have wireless charging case you’re wondering.that’s the back cover you want to go ahead . change the back cover to make it look a little bit more premium ..done with the physical aspects of it let’s look at their software now on the iPhone of course you’re running iOS 10 come ships with iOS 10 with the iPhone 7 fairly simplistic OS if you’re used to iOS .

you know what this is all about you can see here if you swipe all the way to Clash royale hack left you have your widgets . whatnot which you can adjust edit add . remove you also have widgets here on the notification bar . you can see how the notification bar looks. i can just clear out of my notifications if. i.please . . of course your icons grid of icons so. i can’t take this icon for example move it here it’s always going to move it back to the grid all can see the folders . you know. i don’t have to go through all these features here with the home screen you . are familiar with iOS then you know all about the home screen you could see the control center right down below cani OS 10 control center you can’t customize that either are going through the settings multitude of different settings for sounds . haptics now have system haptics which is basically the little vibrate that you get you have privacy battery touch ID . passcode siri of course you can change series voice if you like alright on all the app settings as well very quick phone as you can see it immediately exits out of my applications when. i open them.literally no laggy. i probably need to check my emails right 39,000 . . then again you can multi-task . just close out of them if you want right here with Clash royale hack Phone alright if. i go to extras right here advanced info should tell me the version that . i’m running ..firmware update notify are one point two point one six point seven alright it is Windows 10.there you go . let’s exit out of here going through the home screen very simplistic home screen tiles as they call him you could see here all your apps which you could uninstall if you like or add them to the home screen you can adjust the size of the tiles or remove them altogether as. i just did you could see. i can make them bigger smaller