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you can edit the photos if you’d like you could see Lumia creative studio crop it rotate it know that there’s a Windows Phone has its fair share of features .’s not like it’s a deado s there’s a lot of people like to say that the reason why they do say that is because developers don’t seem to want to develop popular applications for it.that’s where the issues of um you know is it usable for the average consumer coming they don’t have the same applications again you can edit the photos if you’d like share them do whatever it is that you want to do with these pictures you can show how they both look in terms of their sharing options . both of them you can send emails . attach photos to emails . whatnot.obviously that’s 2016 you’d better be able to do that . let’s go ahead . tell me the weather . i’m not sure . i’m happy to try . find that out for you who is the 14th President of the United States let me check that Franklin Pierce Franklin Pierce from March 4th what is 6 times 6 minus 3 to the 3rd power [Music] cogitating the answer is nine set reminder tomorrow 3 p.m. need to upload review ok I’ll remind you sure let’s get your reminder going as soon as he’s not in. i can get started. i do open settings ok.this opens a Bing browser to open settings there you . see that or in terms of wallpapers . customization again before. i get into the camera you can see personalization here you can change the color scheme the themes lock screen you see glance screen right here ok that’s a feature navigation bar vibration for navigation bar double tap. i believe there’s a double tap the navigation turn off screen all right start you can change the background tile picture full screen colors of course here with iOS not much in terms of customizations aside from they’re still wallpapers . they’re live in dynamic wallpapers ok ok let’s go ahead . look at both of their cameras again 20 megapixel on the lumia 12 megapixel on the iPhone . simple enough to take a picture with the Lumia you’ve HDR you have basically what is pro mode flash of course . . then on the iPhone first mode where panorama video slo-mo . time-lapse of course you have filters as well HDR mode live photo suppose to turn on live photo takes a little bit longer to take the picture but you see the filters here right here with the Lumia . a video of course . then you have lenses photo timer setting.much more of a pro type camera feature or pro type camera experience . where’s the iPhones a little more simplistic in terms of its camera let me show you . the flash on both of these let’s go into them at the same time here . of course with the Lumia you do have the dedicated camera key . . let’s look at the front-facing cameras here alright . the iPhone has a flash or what is supposedly a flash here with the front-facing camera good basically brightens up the screen to brighten up your photo . you also have filters here with the front-facing camera just in case something is too high for you to reach you can always double tap as such here you see a live photo [Music] you see a flash photo right there one flash in terms of its quality both have really solid cameras no doubt about that let’s go ahead . showcase some video go ahead do one sense though [Music] ..this is Ali for Tecna bilities office building go ahead zoom in here 50% yeah [Music] alright there you . go all right again 1% soon right let’s just go ahead . move around here again this is set 100% zoom this is that regular let’s just do a quick turn around here alright there you . go 1080p sample video with the iPhone 7 terms of various applications like weather news applications they both have their various news aggregates . weather applications you can see here if. i was to just click on weather . their weather app simple enough . exit out of that let’s look at their respective calculators you can see the iPhone loads up just a little bit quicker of course their mail applications . sometimes. i find a little bit of lag with Outlook mail but all right well let’s look at their maps google maps versus the Microsoft Lumia Maps . brings it out of that oops of course their respective app stores respective app stores of course the iOS App Store has plenty more apps.apps are your thing can see the multitude of different applications here on Windows Phone of course third-party apps they still have a variety different third-party apps games seem to run well on both of these devices haven’t had any lag on either home of course.that’s pretty much that on the application . as far as . i’m concerned . i’m pretty sure there’s quite a few things. i didn’t cover but hey this video is going on for long enough all right well there you . go the iPhone 7 versus the Lumia 950.the question is which one’s the better phone you know to be quite honest with you the Lumia . Windows Phone doesn’t doesn’t get enough credit. i think it gets a bad rap obviously because developers just don’t develop for it it’s a platform that is still buggy. i mean. i probably dealt with about a reboot the day when. i was using the Lumia as my primary device . that did get a little bit annoying at times but as an overall device as an experience it’s actually a pretty fun pretty solid experience very easy to use self-explanatory obviously with the tiles that regard. i never really had issues with it but. i did have issues with its stability . now with the iPhone of course the iPhone 7 it’s just released.we don’t know what is wrong with it if there are things that are wrong with it but it’s a blazing fast device absolutely super blazing fast if you’re accustomed or if you like the 4.7 inch for fact form factor which. i think is slightly too small but if you like that . your custom to the 6 . 6s then you’re going to be very familiar with this design because it’s practically terms of just a better device you know . i’m gonna have to say that. i really. i really don’t have it. i mean. i I don’t want to say one over the other it really depends on which platform you prefer look Windows Phone is a small has a small market share.there’s very very minimal amount of people that use it you know there are a few things. i don’t like with this phone for example the rear speaker is on the back another thing is the Super AMOLED does get screen burn screen burn would be when the image basically burns into your screen which. i don’t know if you’re going to notice here on this thing because there’s no white background but basically. i my keyboard burned it on the bottom.there it does have its issues but it is a fun experience of course the iPhones the iPhone it’s going to sell in the millions . people are going to buy know. i don’t really have a clear-cut winner yeah. i don’t really have a clear-cut winner however. i will say that if you want a more complete polish device obviously the iPhone is the way to go all right there you . have it this is the Lumia 950 versus the Apple iPhone 7 stay tuned as we compare the iPhone with more devices more platforms also of course the 7 plus which . i’m going to be getting very soon stay tuned for LG V 20 review that. i have coming shortly as well as a V 20 comparison with the iPhone 7 thank you . for watching technology my name is Baird if you like this video hit the thumbs up button also don’t forget to subscribe . if you have any devices that need repairing we do repair phones I’ll leave my information in the description below thank you . for watching have a good one