Clash Royale Hacking and Cheats Worked For some Guys But Not for all!

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Clash Royale Hacking and Cheats Worked For some Guys But Not for all!

what is going on guys!

judo sloth here . welcome to the new clash of clans style game called clash Royale . very exciting news coming from supercell today.

in which they did a soft launch of this app in selected countries now this is to test it out on a smaller scale but hopefully we can see this is a global release very soon so getting right into this. i have seen a few YouTube videos that were shared you might have seen them as well but this is my first time opening the app so let’s dive straight into the tutorial . show you gameplay from clash Royale you can see that it is a card-based tower defense style game based on clash of clans . it is basically one team versus another team. i have my villagers search the two towers . my main building which is kind of like the town hall on the bottom . the enemy village on the top so you can see there are two towers one on the left . one on the right . then there is the main tower at the top this is kind of like your town hall as. i see . similar to boom beach once you get this down the entire village is destroyed . you win so you can see from that very easy raid that they give you at the start. i took the route on the Left took out the archer tower . then that provided me access to the town hall . once that was down. i won the entire thing my reward from that was this wooden crate now. i have to wait 15 seconds to open it which is quite annoying but. i guess that’s a way that they’re going to allow you to spend gems in order to open them quicker . . i’m guessing that create will take longer to open than 15 seconds from this one. i have managed to get some gold some arrows as a common card in night as a common card . that is it now it’s asking me to go across to my card deck . because. i have two of the same card . i’m able to upgrade that to level two so that was five gold coins to upgrade him what a ripoff he gets a boost in hit points . damage from that having a quick look at his stats . who he is you can see is actually the h.some cousin of the Barbarian anyway moving on we have also upgraded our arrows to level two . then once. i upgraded it had a number of cards out of four so . i’m guessing. i need four cards then to a grid that level three you can see some of the characters here are obviously direct copies from clash of clans the giant the archers . others address based on clash of clans the barbarians cousin for example . . i’m sure we’ll see lots of other spin-off characters you can see on the lord . screen there there was a lot of different ones based on kind of the barbarian but enough of all that let’s get back to gameplay . what you want to see this is the second stage of training camp now the elixir on the bottom. i started out with . that slowly goes up once per second you can see. i get one extra piece of elixir . the troops have different amounts of elixir obviously that is similar to your troop space in clash of clans so you can put a giant out first . then follow him up with some archers or the night . you can see this one-   clash royle hack generator no survey android ios  this and –  and      . i am tearing this guy’s base from the right h. side. i did put a few troops down on the left to hold off goblins that were coming to attack my village but it wasn’t needed . again. i have easily taken down the base . got another wooden chest as a reward now obviously these are just the very easy tutorial maps . i’m not some sort of epic beast on this game.

but let’s see about that because trainer mike wants to take me on he’s even wishing me good luck. i think you might need that buddy in with the Giants . . i’m gonna just . i’m busy throwing all the troops down on the right h. side here to begin with. i have a night bombers everything . i’m basically just as soon as. i have enough elixir . i’m throwing something in you can see has a couple of little level 1 goblins coming at my Archer tower goblins able to attack Archer towers what’s going on there nevermind they’re no match anyway. i did put a couple of archers down there in order to take them out so you can kind of battle between troops as well similar to when the clan castle troops come out in clash of clans but the giant I’ve noticed will only go for the defense he won’t engage similar to clash . you’ll see. i was throwing arrows at the base . everything there as well but will get on to that let’s open these two wooden chests . see what we love so you can see it’s only going to let me open one at a time after weird for the 15 seconds to go down . then. i can start opening another one whilst we’re weird into that you can see my battle deck so. i have two slots free there in which when. i get new cards out of the chests. i will be able to slot them straight into that we get some gold another night . a musketeer out of that one there you have it . you’ve seen it here first the new dark elixir troopers just been leaked .. i am unfortunately joking on that one but you can see it looks quite similar to the archer so it’s obviously based on that. i feel we’re going to get a lot of troops that are based on other troops in clash of clans but . i’m sure you’ll see all of your favorite ones from the game there itself in clash Royale so now that we’ve opened all of our chests let’s stop messing about get back into another training stage you can see the setup is exactly the same but. i have my musketeer card over on the right-h. side let’s pop a night in first follow him up with some arches . let’s make an all-out attack for the archer tower on the left as. i was saying earlier the arrows that. i was upgrading you can place them similar to spells in clash of clans so. i placed them on the tower on the left h. side which . i’m obviously attacking with my troops. i then have some goblins coming straight at me from this right h. channel so . i’m going to pop a night in to try . take them out alongside my archer tower my troops are all down on the left h. side . i’m gonna let my elixir build up . once. i have five elixir. i can bring in my musketeer let’s mix it up . go for the archer tower on the right h. side for this one as well more goblins coming at me obviously once we get into the actual game itself this will be the attacker that sending troops at me so wonderfully the odd goblins it’ll basically be what . i’m attacking the enemy village with now I’ll have that coming up me as well so a lot of PvP action you can see how it will get quite competitive . quite complex as well beautifully took out some goblins with some arrows on the right h. side so that will be a big feature in this game. i think the spells well as your troops are battling the enemy troops using your spell’s effectively because it’s not like clash with as an entire village there’s just them three towers three stars or crowns as it is in this game that you have to take down so there’s going to be a lot of troops versus troops trying to overpower . push past the enemy troops in order to get to them towers with yours to take them down faster than they can get yours down . you’ll see what was happening there is obviously going to be a strategy in that my musketeer on my hire huge p troop got in the range of the archer tower . then there was lots of skeletons came out so we got stuck having to take each one of them out you’ll see something in there again so put it in lots of little troops in order to try . distract the troops that are then in range of your archer towers . obviously there’ll be different defenses coming up as well they’ll be lots of different variations in troops we’re into the final minute . there’s double elixir so . i’m going to stop messing around . push all my troops in from the right h. side. i found that from my limited experience playing this game just today sending a troops in in waves tends to be the best option so that you can almost overwhelm the defenses . try . get to it that way so I’ve got a lot of wave of troops I’ve got my giant at the top he’s obviously liking clash doing a lot of distracting . then. i have my archers my nights in behind to overwhelm the base . take down them three crowns . as you get further into the game you’ll see that the troops do act quite similar to in clash in that this kind of splash damage involved there are the infernal towers which can lock onto the high HP troops . take them down like. i was saying if you then have kind of archers or little troops that you can kind of overwhelm them with at the time that might be a strategy opening up our next treasure chest we have some coins archers . a baby dragon which is an epic card who knows what the regular dragon will be if the baby one is already saw epic you can see he’s already in our battle deck let’s upgrade our archers because we have enough for that you can see that we are just about halfway through the training arena or camp . if we click on that . move over you will see there are different arenas we have the Goblin arena there we have borne pit barbarian ball packers play house look at how awesome that one looks . you’ll see with each one there are new troops . spells that. i unlock as. i get into them different areas you might have saw as well that there are cups or trophies assigned to that so the how you get open trophies . the further you get through the progress the better cards you want unlock . . i’m not sure whether this is linked directly to the trophy system in clash. i don’t think it is looking at the system . the players that are in place now but you will see that towards the end of the video. i think this is your process . the more that you win the higher points that you get . progress up over jumping into the next raid. i have a giant down already . you will see the baby dragon doing work on that Archer tower down it goes .. i have a night following up you will also see that once the arch tower goes down unlike in clash the deployment area is actually decreased so you’ll see the red barrier there it only applies to the building’s still in place so.

i can place my troops closer to that building for a more heavy attack but just be aware that the enemy can do this as well . may creep up on your village quicker than you think so we’ve gained yet another wooden chest from completing that area . that is five out of seven done let’s start the 15 seconds of opening that . jump straight into an ex battle with Tim this guy is also wishing me good luck but. i am certainly not seeing anything to him maybe this is something once we get into multiplayer that they will eventually allow us to actually put a little message out there . oh that’s always been declined in clash but let’s just see maybe it will happen again . i’m coming down the right-h. side with the Giant . the dragon that looks like a good combo .

you know is general in clash we put your heavy troops down first followed by a stronger ones so that’s obviously working in this game as well but just on the short time that. i have played this game. i found that the dragon is actually really powerful behind the giant who is taking all the damage stay tuned on because. i will bring you more videos on clash Royale once. i start getting a bit further into the game so you can see other troops that are available other defense towers available as well you might have saw when we were scrolling down that arena. i did notice the mortar. i know the inferno towers in there is grass or lots of other defenses to look forward to looks like we’re getting to the end of the training stage . it’s asking me to confirm my name which . i’m obviously going to stick with my regular game . tag of judo sloth 89 so nothing special out of that last wooden chest just the bomber which. i can upgrade to level 2 . the other one is currently being unlocked as well so a few extra hit points . more damage for the bomber heading back to the main screen any minute now there it is we’re able to open the next chest so again some gold . another bomber . that is it so again nothing too clever but . i’m sure our look will come around this appears to be the last one on the training stage which is against Boris so we will have to finish this video in style . take Boris for all of his crowns pushing in with a giant . then some artists on the left side he actually now has a knight defending . a fireball coming at me but we’re going to counteract that with a little dragon . you’ll notice they took out all of the skeletons so my dragon does have splash damage . just wipe them all out got a few more in . let’s try . get this Archer tower down as quick as we can so . i’m bringing in some arrows from above trying to just quickly reinforce things with a night . also archers anything that is low elixir .

i’m trying to just throw in at the minute . then once. i get this Archer tower down. i should probably sit . let my elixir build up a little bit so. i can pop a giant in to distract . then bring some of the troops in behind you’ll see the elixir at the bottom there does cap off so it looks like. i have 10 storage at the minute . i’m sure that will be increased as. i go through the game . . i’m popping in the giant some archers anything to reinforce behind that in order to get that main town hall building down . take this raid so quite surprising actually the baby dragon is only for elixir so that is in there now . this building is going to go down in a flash quickly try . get some air in there but it was too slow. i took it down anyway . they have it . that is the training stage of clash Royale you’ll see that. i got a silver chest there so hopefully we get something better within that . we have unlocked the Goblin Stadium so you can see Valkyries Ninja Turtle style goblins they . look at that the Valkyrie is actually one of my favorite troops in clash of clans but. i have a feeling that Leonardo the spear goblin will be my favorite in this one looking forward to checking out that lightness fell as well but it is the epic card of this goblin stadium so . i’m sure that that one will be harder to get opening the wooden chest we again have some gourd or we actually got some gems out of this one . some goblins who is a new card because we are now in that new league the silver chests that we have as well that actually takes three hours to unlock but we’re not going to sit there 18 gems it is 427 gold another night some archers . another musketeer so stuff we already had but it does mean. i can level my Musketeers or we obviously got a few extra cards . also have the rare one out of that silver chest so as we progress through . i’m assuming we’ll get more cards . rare records stronger ones out of the chests . then as we progress through the league’s we will get different kinds which are in our card collection on the bottom . then we can move them into our deck . . i’m sure that we can swap things around . make little teams . ensure that we have a bit of strategy when the time comes to battle it out . one thing to mention about this game as well as that once you’re in a clan the thing that . i’m most looking forward to is that you can have friendly battles between your clan members so it’s not just against people that you don’t know you can actually have battles with your friends . make a bit more exciting in a bit competitive so there you have it . that was the tutorial from clash Royale we’re now into the game itself there’s my profile you can check out that website which is in the description to stay up to date with all the information for this new game from supercell likewise you can keep an eye out oh . watch as we progress through this game unlocking all of its new features the subscribe button on the right will keep you in touch with my channel . make sure you see all of my clash of clans content as well let me know down in the comments what your thoughts are about this game. i do read . reply to each . every one of them this is obviously a card-based tower defense game with its clash of clans theme. i think for a first impression it looks good but. i will have to play it a little bit more the thing that. i am most looking forward to is actually battling with my friends on this game. i think that will just be fantastic but let me know what you . think stay tuned for more clash royale videos I’ve been your host judo sloth . until next time peace out . stay tuned for more clash of clans