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there are live tiles.the tiles do move for example you take photos you’ll see your photos changing weather news other different applications that utilize the live photos feature you can see the folders right there. i think actually kind of like it it’s a smooth feeling phone it’s the fluidity is very solid not as fast as the seven definitely even though it’s got a hexa core processor but still a fairly fast phone ..just entering . exiting out of apps is pretty quick . you can multitask on this too here you can see it’s all capacitive buttons as well.. i’m multitasking. i can exit my apps swipe them down you can’t do multiple at a time like two at a time like. i can here with the iPhone . . of course you have a search button for Cortana ..there’s Cortana right there . other than that. i mean the OS in itself is very simplistic to use again if you’re accustomed with Windows Phone you know all about it if not it’s easy to use. i mean it’s not an OS that’s going to bog you down or not too many customizations of course you could change the wallpapers if you go to setting settings are a little bit confusing in my opinion but once you learn them you can always search a setting if you’d like you’ll figure out where everything is but. i still have problems to this day trying to figure out where a certain setting can see the multitude of different settings here . . now going through specific features here on both device or specific apps on both devices alright. i am running on the same Wi-Fi network for both of them.let’s go ahead . open Safari on Microsoft edge we’ll go ahead . load up a website here let’s do. i don’t know let’s give a shout out to phone dog let’s see which one loads it quicker here all right . we’re going to do it at the same time there we go see my Phi Network . can see phonedog on both move around as. i pinch zoom . you can also utilize 3d touch here on websites if you want to highlight text or see a link like basically by hard pressing on the screen or force touching on the screen . . also highlight text . define it . whatnot.all that is there right here with the Lumia you can see sometimes it does take one or two gestures for me to get this notification bar to come down. i do want to note note that basically a notification you can see all the toggles here on the notification bar or you can collapse this if you want as well ..again same situation if