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Pokemon Go hack cheats free pokeballs pokecoins fully working in 2017


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well apparently not all the bottles  .  hackers have been banned yet because the gym here is still controlled by this guy level 36 with the username like my hacks fee – I’m sure they’ll get to it right right today  . I want to start by teaching you guys something pokemon go hack generator  this –   pokemon go hack generator no survey android ios  this  https://vk.com/topic-125842090_35275797 –   https://www.facebook.com/PokemonGoCheatsHackGeneratorbox/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf and https://twitter.com/i/moments/866307759234441217     that’s pretty simple  .  really useful  .  it’s something a lot of you have been asking about how  .  when to dodge in battles I’m here at this windmill gym  .  I’m going to use the Charizard  .  arcanine here to help explain my point I’m just going to battle the gym first  .  then put the footage up here so  .


I can explain it clearly because  . If  I’m trying to battle  .  talk at the same time I’m not doing either one effectively the first thing you need to know when it comes to dodging effectively is it you’ll get a warning everytime damage is about to occur you’ll see a yellow flash  .  lines that appear on screen that’s your cue to dodge every attack animation takes a d . If ferent amount of time so some Pokemon actually start their attack animation well before you see the warning flash don’t pay attention to the animation just watch for the flash as soon as you see the flash swipe left or right to dodge the attack every attack has a d . If ferent damage window  .  a dodge lasts for 500 milliseconds the damage window for every quick attack is 200 milliseconds so  . If  you dodge at the right time you can avoid all of the damage for special attacks the damage window berries  .  some are actually longer than 500 milliseconds so even  . If  you time your dodge perfectly you won’t be able to avoid all of the damage  .  Blizzard is the only move that you can’t dodge it has no damage window you never get a chance to dodge blizzard so  .


If  someone’s using blizzard against you just keep attacking straight through it the other important thing you need to know is the rate at which enemy Pokemon attack Pokemon in a gym controlled by A . I will initiate attack every two seconds the exception is at the very beginning of the battle when they’ll start with two back-to-back attacks when a battle starts you want to dodge twice before you start attacking after that they’ll fall into their regular rhythm of attacking every two seconds  .  once you get a feel for how long your quick attack takes to execute you can figure out how many attacks you can do in between each enemy Pokemon attack with my Vaporeon  . I know that  . I can use water gun three times in between each enemy Pokemon attack so I’ll use water gun three times wait for the flash dodge use water gun another three times wait for the flash dodge  .  repeat throughout the whole battle with my Rhydon mud-slap takes longer to execute so  . I can only use it one time in between each enemy Pokemon attack so I’ll use mud slap once then dodge mud slap dodge  .  this is d . If ferent for every attack so as you’re using a Pokemon get used to how long it takes you to use their move  .  you can figure out a rhythm pretty quickly the only time you’ll need to break this rhythm is when an enemy Pokemon uses their special or charge attack at this point the animation takes a little bit longer so you have more time before  .  after to attack with my Vaporeon  . I can use usually five or six water guns after a pokemon uses its special attack  .  this is also a good time to use your own charge move because the enemy pokémon will be recovering from its animation  .  it won’t be attacking as often this guarantees you take a little bit less damage than  . If  you were to try to sneak it in between two regular attacks so with those things in mind you can start dodging effectively  .  avoiding a lot of damage in battles  . If  you want to know how long each moves damage window is I’m going to link to the Silk Roads research section in the description  .  it has all that information there for you so that’s it for dodging let’s get onto the episode the always first stop when you come into target you know what it is cards that’s right let’s do steam stage alright take a good one is that the one no we’re going gold welcome please scan dat first atom all right first couple when we get move off I’m in big laughs where’s our rare what’s the rare in here primate I’m going to the rare that was kind of a disappointing at first packet pokemon cards I’ve opened  .  years oh well  . I like manty first stop what is it FC museums gone Kog . I stop still here it’s like a bootleg team instant shirt I’m gonna pass Zapdos looks like a chicken  . I know or  . If  you know it’s like a duck Moltres Moltres what happened to its neck real quick before we leave them all there’s a bureau here  . I might have to go with an ultra ball for this one oh that one is a strong one what do you think worth worth the ultra mole yes it is it’s also pretty weak considering its CP 645  . I got it hot-dogging cool  . I got 48 c . ies zero all right that was exciting we’re here for two reasons one  . I want some fresh fruit  .  two someone told me this might be an execute nest let’s find out oh my god so cute all right what Oh  .  execute just showed up all right just open the game first execute  .  that’s one that’s true so far it’s looking good one more on the sightings list we’re gonna go find it oh that’s just disappeared okay now we got to turn around go back that way yes  . I the ventur .


I so cool so chance thinks the chickens lay the execute yes well it is a keyword eggs it’s possible Anita Reno just appeared on the list we got to find the execute first  . I don’t think we’re going to be able to walk much further in a straight line because we’re actually getting to like the plantation side of things okay it disappeared from the list though so now we walk back basically it’s where  . I thought it was we’re gonna walk back to the entrance  .  then straight out towards the street disappeared we went the wrong way  . I think we have to turn around 180 degrees  .  go that way  .  the weird thing is it disappeared from my list at the back of the store – let’s try let’s go find it we got to find it that’s what we came here for Wow look at that view it’s beaut . If ul we’re gonna go up there later this week or maybe there well maybe in between the mouth one of the two we’re heading up there at some point Kog . I stop back here some kind of coffee thing going on  . I don’t drink coffee it’s still on the list hard to walk straight back here so  . I guess we’ll just follow the path around whoa look at this bud what is it just let it say there oh  .  look at that execute okay it was back here cool found it that’s number two it only took a long time of walking around outside so much time the chance is tired yeah  .