Using the LG Health app on the LG G3

LG is helping you track your daily exertions on the G3, if you know where to look, that is

You’d be forgiven for not realizing, but on the LG G3 you can track your daily activities with the built in LG Health application. It’s actually a pretty nice application to have around to track your daily steps, runs, or map your favorite routes.

You’ll not find it in the app drawer, though, so the first thing we need to do is get to it.

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Facebook’s bungled IPO now a distant memory as SEC drops inquiry

Fast-forwarding from a disappointing IPO in 2012 to the present, Facebook has made it up to shareholders and then some.

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Samsung Level In headphones review

These are nice headphones, but there are other really nice headphones out there that don’t cost $149

Samsung is finally getting in on the premium audio game with its “Level” series of headphones and speakers, which were recently announced for the U.S. It’s offering offering up four models in the series — Over, On, In and Box — that bring high prices and presumably high quality to those who have an affinity for the Samsung brand and some disposable income.

I managed to pick up a pair of the Level In earbuds, which retail for an extremely hefty $149.99 in the U.S., and use them for my daily headphones for the past few weeks. Samsung is definitely making a step in the right direction with these high-quality earbuds from both a design and material perspective, but the Level In headphones are still a luxury purchase for a limited audience — read along for the full review.

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El Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro confirma sus características en un selfie

Al próximo buque insignia del gigante chino Lenovo le ha costado definirse por un nombre. Durante varios meses se ha hablado de él como el Lenovo K920 pero ahora ya conocemos que finalmente llegará al mercado como Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro. Lo ha confirmado el vicepresidente de la compañía  quien también ha confirmado las especificaciones oficiales de un phablet que habrá que tener muy en cuenta.

Arthur Wei, segundo de abordo en la jefatura de Lenovo, ha colgado un selfie en la red social Weibo en la que nos muestra el diseño final de la parte trasera del dispositivo al que ha añadido un texto confirmado muchas de las especificaciones de este teléfono que espera ser un rival de nivel para el Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

lenovo vibe Z2 pro


Según lo que ha descrito el propio directivo de la compañía, el phablet, que cuenta con una pantalla de 6 pulgadas, montará un procesador Snapdragon 801 (quad core a 2,5GHz), una memoria RAM de 3 GB y 32 GB de memoria interna. Todavía nos queda la duda si dispondrá de ranura de expansión para tarjetas microSD. Ni la foto ni el listado de características lo han confirmado por el momento.

Otro dato interesante que se ha desvelado es el relativo a la cámara del dispositivo. Se ha confirmado que el sensor de 16 megapíxeles será el mismo con tecnología ISOCELL CMOS que monta el Samsung Galaxy S5, una garantía de calidad para las fotos que capture este dispositivo.

La pantalla del Vibe Z2 Pro tendrá tecnología IPS y una resolución de 2540×1440 píxeles con el añadido que ocupará el 84 por ciento del frontal del dispositivo, un dato importante para que las medidas del terminal no se disparen. Finalmente éstas se han establecido en los 156 x 81,3 x 7,7 mm, lo que nos ofrece un phablet que sin duda sorprenderá por su delgadez.

Por lo demás, el nuevo buque insignia de Lenovo  llegará con Android 4.4 con interfaz Vibe 2.0, DualSim con capacidad LTE y una batería de generosas prestaciones, 4000 mAh.

El vicepresidente de la compañía habría hecho pleno si nos hubiera ofrecido datos sobre precio y disponibilidad, pero nos ha dejado con las ganas.


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Verizon to put some limits on unlimited data

If you’ve managed to stay on an unlimited data plan on Verizon, you might soon notice that your speeds beginning to slow down if your using a lot of data . A limited set of customers will fall under the umbrella of Verizon’s so-called “Network Optimization” policy, which Verizon says is not throttling. The shift impacts customers in a very specific set of circumstances, according to Verizon:

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With Windows Phone Beta, BBM Continues Cross-Platform Strategy

I was in Jakarta recently, and when I was driving on the freeway from the airport, I saw several billboards advertising handsets from tier two and three manufacturers. Each billboard advertised that the featured device was “BBM ready.” In the Indonesian market, being BBM ready is a must-have.

But more important, BBM is no longer synonymous with “BlackBerry.” BlackBerry used to refer to the device, the operating system and the messaging app. And BBM was only available on a BlackBerry handset running BlackBerry OS. Not anymore.

BBM is going cross-platform. We’re opening up the BlackBerry ecosystem to other players, other operating systems. Earlier this year, we released BBM apps for iOS and Android. In Indonesia, a market where we have over 34 million mobile active users on BBM, more than half use non-BlackBerry devices.

Next up is BBM for Windows Phone, coming next week. When we announced the private beta a few weeks ago, all 10,000 testing slots were taken within 24 hours. The excitement is there. The numbers are there. The momentum is there.

Going cross-platform is all about scale—and we’re not done yet. Stay tuned for more announcements in this space in the coming months.

BBM for Windows Phone

The new app (see screenshots below) leverages the clean, modern look and feel of the Windows Phone interface. As with the iOS and Android apps, this version of BBM 2.0 keeps the process of signing up, signing in and adding contacts simple and streamlined.

BBM Windows Phone

The main interface has all the essentials: contacts, chats and feeds. Contacts list both your individual contacts and any Groups you belong to. Chat lets you connect one-on-one, with multiple people, or with a BBM Group, sending text, photos, voice notes or contacts. Feeds let you and your contacts to keep up with each other’s status updates and profile photos.

In the coming months, we’ll add more great BBM features, including stickers, BBM Voice, Channels and location sharing.

Early feedback is positive from the public, the press and beta testers. We’re seeing a lot of excitement and enthusiasm—and restlessness for the official release. The beta went live on July 10. We released an update with bug fixes and other improvements July 22.

Why Cross-Platform?

Taking BBM to other platforms is an important move for BlackBerry. Sure, it’s an invitation to former users to come back. We know that people love BBM, but may have stopped using it in recent years because they couldn’t use it on other handsets. We’d love to have them back.

But the bigger story is that cross-platform mobile messaging apps are big and getting bigger. That’s in part because they’re competing with—and winning against—SMS services.

Mobile messaging sends your data over the Internet, providing free (or nearly-free) chats with no limits. SMS travels through cellular networks, is tied to your phone plans, and costs money based on how many you send. If you’re chatting internationally, mobile messaging wins again, making it simple and either free or close to it. International SMS is expensive and can be unreliable due to carrier platform incompatibility. As an added bonus, many messaging apps will work on whichever device you happen to be using, popping up on your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. SMS, of course, requires a device that’s connected to a mobile network.

Going cross-platform also opens up BBM to new possibilities. As I mentioned in my last post, messaging is becoming the #1 way to interface with the new economic ecosystem.

BlackBerry can leverage cross-platform messaging to offer more valuable services through BBM. Just last month, we launched BBM Protected, which provides an extra layer of encryption for our enterprise users, so employees in regulated and security-conscious industries can experience the productivity benefits of mobile chat. BBM Protected is the first solution in the eBBM Suite, a family of products and services specifically for enterprise customers. We have more on the roadmap for consumers as well.

This new economic ecosystem is mobile and social. It’s also global and diverse. No single company will control it. Consumers and businesses have choices, and they’re making purchasing and downloading decisions based on what they need. BlackBerry can’t be everything to every one of them, but we’d like to offer the best possible solutions and products that both build on our core strengths of security, privacy and innovation—and also take us into the future.

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Apple retrasa a septiembre la producción del iPhone 6 de 5,5 pulgadas y los nuevos iPad

Apple se verá obligada a centrar toda su atención en el nuevo iPhone 6 de 4,7 pulgadas en su próximo evento del mes de septiembre. Según los últimos rumores, la producción de los otros nuevos modelos se va a retrasar lo que hará inviable que lleguen al mercado al mismo tiempo que el nuevo teléfono.

La producción en masa del nuevo iPhone 6 de 4,7 pulgadas ya está en marcha, pero no ocurre lo mismo con el phablet de 5,5 pulgadas y los nuevos modelos de iPad Air y iPad mini. Según un informe interno de las compañías que abastecen a Apple, la empresa de Cupertino habría dado órdenes para que la producción en masa de estos dispositivos no arranque hasta el mes de septiembre.

Eso abriría una nueva serie de plazos que retrasarían el anuncio del iPhone 6 de 5,5 pulgadas por lo menos hasta finales de octubre, que se daría a conocer junto con los nuevos iPad Air 2 y iPad mini. Un anuncio que coincidiría en fechas, justo un año después, con el anuncio del iPad mini y el iPad Air.

Apple iPad 2 apoyado en el soporte de la funda


Todo sigue apuntando a que el retraso en la producción del iPhone 6 con pantalla de 5,5 pulgadas se debe a las complicaciones que ha tenido Apple con el suministro del panel de zafiro que montará este terminal. Se trata de un panel con un coste relativamente alto, se habla de unos 33 euros de media por panel, incluso aunque se produzca en cantidades millonarias. De hecho, se rumorea que Apple se está preparando para una producción sobre los 10 millones de unidades, lo que supondría una cantidad entre siete y ocho veces menor que la del iPhone 6 con pantalla de 4,7 pulgadas.

Apple puede establecer una estrategia conservadora con este nuevo iPhone. El terreno de las phablets todavía es una incógnita para la compañía de Cupertino. Eso sí, como el nuevo terminal sea un éxito de ventas puede haber un serio problema de suministro en los primeros meses tras el lanzamiento del teléfono. En todo caso, ‘bendito problema’, pensarán en Apple.


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Skatepark für die Hosentasche: True Skate mit neuer SLS-Location

icon69Die Skateboard-Simulation True Skate hat schon ein paar Jahre auf dem Buckel, wird aber schon deswegen nicht langweilig, weil die Entwickler immer mal wieder neue Locations hinzufügen. Diese müssen dann zwar per In-App-Kauf erworben werden, die 89 Cent pro zusätzlichem Kurs lassen sich unserer Meinung nach jedoch verkraften. <a [...]

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The HUGE savings continue on HTC One M8 Dot View Cases!

In case you missed our announcement earlier this week, we reduced the prices on the popular HTC One M8 Dot View Cases for a limited time.

The original plan was to end the sale today, but since we’ve seen soooo many HTC One M8 owners scoop these semi-transparent flip cases up we decided to extend the sale a few more days. If you haven’t grabbed one yet, do it this weekend while the sale is still on!

Our store team made sure to bring in more Dot View cases, so we’re stocked up on every color including warm black, imperial blue, baton rouge and orange popsicle. Be sure to grab the one that suits you best and enjoy the 40% discount while it lasts. Or heck, get one in every color. At this price, you can’t go wrong!

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Thinking mobile is 100-year-old college bookstore’s secret edge

Optimizing for smartphones and tablets helps The Duck Store at the University of Oregon handle online traffic spikes on game days, helping it win out against big sporting goods retailers.

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