The best word games for Android

We’ve rounded up the best Android word games you’ll find in the Google Play Store. These will test your puzzle-solving skills, trivia knowledge, and sheer reflexes. Quite a few have in-app purchases, but still offer plenty of free content on their own.

Ready to start working with letters? Check out our top five Android word games!

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AMD releases trio of affordable eight-core FX desktop processors

While Intel’s first eight-core CPU for client PCs costs $999, its rival is offering one for less than $150.

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Sony at IFA 2014 – Liveblogging at 10 a.m. EDT on Wednesday!

Phones, tablets, cameras, watches, Sony will have a packed lineup for us

IFA 2014 Sony is taking its traditional IFA 2014 slot on Wednesday out in Berlin, getting its press conference out of the way and unleashing its fall product range on us. We’re expecting phones, tablets, cameras, watches and who knows what else – probably a good amount of TVs – and we’ll be live on the ground and we’re bringing you with us.

The event takes place after both Asus and Samsung have had their own respective times in the spotlight, and there’s going to be plenty of news to round out a busy, busy day. The event kicks off at 4 p.m. local time here in Berlin which translates back to 10 a.m Eastern and 7 a.m. Pacific.

We’ll have a liveblog post going up nearer the time, so keep your eye out for that and be sure to come back and join us to follow the action live!

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Sizing Up Citrix and the ‘Great BlackBerry Migration Myth’

It’s time again for #BBFactCheck to pick up the red pen and provide much-needed edits to a competitor’s misleading marketing materials. Today we’re bringing you a whitepaper from Citrix whose goal is to perpetuate the falsehood of The Great BlackBerry Migration Myth.

We could have just fact checked the title page as they claim and end-to-end solution – but how can Citrix be so bold to make this false claim when they don’t control the supply chain and device hardware? So we couldn’t just let them get away without a full BlackBerry Fact Check review.

Browse through to see an accurate version of the whitepaper. Be sure to also click on the text to read more about what BlackBerry really offers and how we are a better choice for customers. Click on the ‘Save’ button in the upper-right of the SlideShare widget to download a copy of the presentation to your PC or device for easy sharing.

Source : Inside BlackBerry

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Verizon revives Droid Landing account ahead of Motorola event

It looks like Verizon Wireless has revived its Droid Landing Twitter account after having been inactive for some time now. The revival of the Droid Landing account on Twitter comes just ahead of Motorola’s scheduled event for September 4th.

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The Asus Zenwatch liveblog from Berlin, 6.30 a.m EDT Wednesday!

Join us for a first look at Asus’ Android Wear smartwatch

IFA 2014 Wednesday is a pretty busy day in Berlin as the IFA 2014 press conferences kick off. We’re going to be live with Asus at the Classic Remise to see what we’re already aware is the grand debut of the Zenwatch, Asus’ first foray into the world of Android Wear

Asus press conferences are always an entertaining affair, and we love watching the Chairman, Jonney Shih, take to the stage. We know the Zenwatch is coming but beyond that it could be anything and everything. Asus is known for some pretty wild products so we could still see some new phones, that dock into tablets, that dock into laptops. It’ll be a fun ride, for sure.

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Samsung Unpacked — Liveblogging from two continents at 9 a.m. EDT Wednesday!

See what Samsung has to show us all while we liveblog from Berlin and New York

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty big deal for Android fans. Samsung is holding another Unpacked event — one so big it needs three venues to handle it all: Berlin, New York and Beijing. We expect to see the all new Galaxy Note 4, as well as a new, and more “independent” wearable in the Gear S and its SIM card slot. We also imagine there will be a surprise or two, because Samsung. You don’t get to be the biggest smartphone maker in the world without having plenty of great products that people want.

We’re going to be in both Berlin and New York, bringing everything Samsung has to say and show to you live and in realtime. Alex and Derek will be at the aptly named Tempodrome in beautiful downtown Berlin, while Phil and Andrew will be sitting pretty in New York’s West Village.

Everyone will have laptops and cameras ready to go, and this is something you’ll not want to miss! You’ll find it right at the top of all the action here on the AC homepage. Join us!

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Boost Mobile boosts plans with double data and lower prices

Sprint prepaid subsidiary Boost Mobile is running a promotion from September 3 to November 3 that will give customers discounted plans with double the usual data. As long as customers sign up during this period and keep their accounts active, then they can keep their promotional plan. Now, with a $5 discount, the starting $35 plan will give customers unlimited talk and text with unlimited data, though only the first 1 GB will be at high speed.

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Microsoft re-releases withdrawn updates

Three non-security updates that were withdrawn shortly after release in August have been re-released. Unexplained changes made to over 100 x64 Windows 7 updates.

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DevCorner: le ultime posizioni note [METEO]


Nelle puntate precedenti dello sviluppo della nostra app per il meteo, abbiamo iniziato a vedere come effettuare le richieste di rete e ottenere quindi le informazioni che ci interessano, ma abbiamo anche sottolineato come l’AsyncTask non sia esattamente il modo migliore per svolgere operazioni che si possono rivelare anche molto lunghe, come le richieste di rete.

LEGGI ANCHE: App per i feed RSS

Per semplicità, vi lasciamo qui di seguito i link alle precedenti puntate, in modo che, qualora ne aveste bisogno, possiate tranquillamente dare un’occhiata alle spiegazioni:

  1. Prima puntata
  2. Seconda puntata

Vediamo quindi di cosa andremo ad occuparci oggi: abbiamo visto le richieste di rete, ma come facciamo a localizzare l’utente? Ecco quindi presentato il nostro compito odierno!

Per prima cosa, dobbiamo richiedere al sistema di concederci di utilizzare il servizio di geolocalizzazione:

LocationManager locationManager = (LocationManager) getSystemService(Context.LOCATION_SERVICE);

Dopodiché, chiediamo al LocationManager di fornirci le ultime coordinate note rilevate dalla rete telefonica e dal sensore GPS, utilizzando poi il metodo getTime() degli oggetti di tipo Location che ci restituiscono i due servizi per capire quale sia la posizione più recente.

Location lastKnownLocationGPS = locationManager.getLastKnownLocation(LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER);
Location lastKnownLocationNetwork = locationManager.getLastKnownLocation(LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDER);

Ora, utilizzando un oggetto GeoCoder ed il suo metodo getFromLocation(), estrapoliamo il nome della città in cui si trova il nostro utente:

Geocoder geocoder = new Geocoder(context, Locale.getDefault());
List<Address> addresses = geocoder.getFromLocation(location.getLatitude(), location.getLongitude(), 1);
String cityName = addresses.get(0).getLocality();

Avremmo potuto richiedere la posizione esatta dell’utente ma, ai fini della nostra applicazione, la posizione esatta non è totalmente necessaria, ci possiamo accontentare dell’ultima posizione nota, tanto più che, in caso l’utente si fosse spostato e avesse, per qualche motivo, disattivato la connessione ad internet, non potremmo comunque richiedere le informazioni al server.

Eliminato l’AsyncTask, la maniera più semplice per effettuare le operazioni sopra descritte in maniera asincrona rispetto all’esecuzione del thread principale è servirci di un IntentService: questo componente, girando in background, si occuperà di gestire, in sequenza ed una alla volta, tutte le operazioni che gli andremo a richiedere tramite un Intent esplicito e il metodo startService nella nostra Activity:

Intent locationIntent = new Intent(this, BackOps.class);

Ora, ad ogni chiamata a startService, verrà invocato il metodo onHandleIntent del nostro servizio, nel quale potremo decidere che operazioni svolgere a seconda dell’Intent ricevuto.

Per rispondere quindi all’Activity che ci ha richiesto i dati, andiamo ad utilizzare nuovamente gli Intent ma, questa volta, ci baseremo su un oggetto molto simile alla squadra sendBroadcast() e BroadcastReciver: limitando alla sola nostra applicazione i dati, possiamo affidarci al LocalBroadcastManager, che funziona in maniera del tutto analoga rispetto ai componenti elencati, limitando però la visibilità dei dati. Vediamo quindi come il servizio invia i dati all’Activity:

Intent locationIntent = new Intent(C.LOCATION_BROADCAST_ACTION).putExtra(C.LOCATION_BROADCAST_EXTRA, cityName);

E come l’Activity li riceve:

LocalBroadcastManager.getInstance(this).registerReceiver(mServiceReceiver, mLocationFilter);

Siamo arrivati alla fine di questa puntata e, come di consueto, vi lasciamo sul nostro forum tutte le risorse di supporto a questa lezione.

badge-forum (1)

Utilizza l’app gratuita di Play per rimanere aggiornato. Da oggi disponibile gratuitamente anche su Chrome App Chrome.

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